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#and then they had hot sex on my blog


Oh Yeah.  Hot sex everywhere.

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November 18, 2012

Definitely in my top 5 episodes.  Defintely in my top 10 scenes.


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October 31, 2012

Squishy, soppy Clois love.  Yay!

October 3, 2012

RedK Clark … soooo sexy.

August 22, 2012

August 1, 2012
Take a look at what my six year old daughter drew tonight after tea …

Take a look at what my six year old daughter drew tonight after tea …

July 18, 2012

I’m in a naughty mood.  *giggles*

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this post it too awesome to not reblog! 

I agree.  Awesome.

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June 14, 2012


Clark had a lot of things to say about the love of his life - even before he knew her …

Which do you like best?

Complete list here


Crusade - You’re not alone.

Gone - Lois? She’s bossy. She’s stuck-up, she’s rude. I can’t stand her.

Crimson- It’s time for you to meet the real Clark Kent.

Rabid - We made it.

Crossfire - What’s it gonna be for us Lois? Love or war?

Pandora- Lois, I died when you left.

Disciple - You know Lois, we could go back to the farm and take a walk. I could give you Clark Kent’s tour of the galaxy.

Upgrade - Hi!

Homecoming- I love you.

Harvest- I want you to know me completely, with no secrets. Because you’re the One. You always will be.

Luthor - I can’t live in a world where you don’t love me.

Fortune - Lois, if you’re watching this 20 years from now … just know you are the love of my life.

It’s not possible to choose a favourite … grr.  They are all great.

June 14, 2012



more beauitful disgrace *sigh* i love this disgrace!

Oh my goodness yes.

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again with the faces Clois!

I have an obsession with their faces and the expressions they pull. *sigh*

Ooooooo, ice cream and squishy happiness

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Ahhhh, ahhhh, ohhhhh.  How beautiful.

June 14, 2012




Wow omg, i can’t ..i can’t even express the beauty of this set. These quotes of Clark’s. How can ppl deny how he feels or say that he settled? Do ppl who settle say things like this. Sorry but in my real life experiences they don’t. Settling, no offense to those who ship them, was Clark and Lana in s7 & 8. They questioned their happiness, the kept secrets, they had issues they couldn’t seem to move past,they didn’t really make each other happy. Clark had to learn this..really learn in s8. One could argue he only was with Lois cause Lana was like poison but to me that’s ignoring the issues Clark and Lana were having before that event. Hwo would the relationship had survived? Clark didn’t need someone physically equal with him, he needed someone strong enough not to have agenda’s and secrets. Lana due to her own issues had these problems. It was a part of her from even before she hooked up with Lex and made worse by him. 

Lois’ own failings compliment Clark’s strengths and vice versa. They don’t expound on each other. That’s not something that is settled for. Most ppl do not end up with their first loves. And if clark was just settling he’d have Met Lois at that cafe’ and started something when he wasn’t ready yet. He allowed himself to work through his emotions and found he could live without Lana and that what he felt for Lois wasn’t dying. The evidence is there on screen. Has been and always will be. Nothing on screen proves otherwise. 

I love his words to her. Each time they express a deep feeling, a look into Clark’s heart and to say he settled to me is like dissing his character, belittling his journey he went through. PPl tend to forget this isn’t a show about a perfect man/hero. It’s a show about a boy becoming a man and a hero and finding his place in this world and his soulmate. He’s going to make mistakes, he’s going to have a broken heart at times an he’s even going to break a heart or two. Because that is life. 

My beautiful OTP. 

This photo set is why I call bullshit on anyone that says Clark didn’t express his feelings for Lois enough.  This isn’t even everything he’s ever said to or about Lois and how much he loves her or what she means to him.  “Lois, I died when you left.” “She’s the most important thing in my life.”  “You were perfect/You’re perfect.”  “I don’t want a day to go by where I’m not with her.”  And that’s only the verbal declarations AND THAT’S STILL NOT ALL OF IT.  Besides the fact that I and several others, including this amazing meta above mine, have already stated and given evidence that this relationship was the most organically developed, healthy, and loving [romantic] relationship on the show.  You’d have to literally not have paid attention at all to not see that.

This is sooo perfect and just matches what I’m gonna post for you all later on tonight … a list of all Clark’s romantic lines to/about Lois.

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June 14, 2012

Dean Cain actually wouldn’t mind putting the Superman tights back on one more time if Warner Bros ever decided to make a Lois & Clark reunion. “We never got to finish it up, because we hung it on a cliffhanger for Season 4 and we weren’t able to shoot Season 5 for medical reasons.” When asked to elaborate, Cain says more episodes had been ordered, but Hatcher announced her pregnancy and had to leave the series after producing a doctor’s note. “She wasn’t able to work,” he says.  “It’s really stressful to work those hours … it would have been detrimental to her health and the health of her unborn child.” 

Never realised it was cancelled for this reason.  And I’m all for Dean donning the tights and cape again … pretty please.

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